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Were do we stand today, in terms of identity and corporate culture? How to engage Management to promote a cultural change?
Define the Vision, Values and Strategy allowing our company to be at the leading edge. How to be or become the preferred partner of clients?
Define essence and mission of our Brand: what is its reason for being, its mission? How to bring it lo life? How to spell it out, within our professional practices and across different departments?
Help the (Marketing, R&D, multifunctional...) Team to re-think their mission and values, as well as their role and added value within the Company.
What does our corporate brand mean for us, the people? What unites us and our Brands?
Unearth and codify the DNA of our corporate brand. How to leverage it as an internal compass and decision-making tool?
Identify new communication routes for the brand X: tell the nice story that helps X stand out among competitors. Define concept and related slogan.
Propose a new communication approach about… (chosen topic). How to best talk about it? What’s the most appropriate wording? What should we consider that we don’t know?
What is the attitude driving behavior in ... (chosen topic)? And why? What are the deep drivers - emotional beyond rational - that lead to full satisfaction? And what are the barriers limiting from having positive experience or confidence?
How to leverage positive drivers to develop our brand, by converting skepticism into confidence? How to make the difference between commitment to our brand vs. opportunistic usage (best available alternative)?
Find new creative routes to develop the (chosen) category. How to anticipate new needs or desires? How to translate them into new product ideas?
Create claim generation process & validation tool: What’s a good claim ? What are the success criteria ? How to get good claims ? How good are our new claims ?
Help develop motivation and team choesion: how to embrace the common vision and work together?
How to develop harmonious work interactions? How to understand and value our differences, hence respect our respective professional roles?
How to boost the (Marketing, R&D, multifunctional...) team effectiveness? How to implement changes that can be understood and accepted?
Why is one product declining whilst another is growing? Is it about product, package, price? Is it about portfolio management?

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